Uk Scissor Lift Rentals

For any contractor, having the equipment necessary to operate a successful business is just as important as hiring the right builders. But the right equipment doesn’t always have to be brand new. In fact, second hand equipment can be a great way for contractors who are just getting started to acquire the equipment they need, without breaking the bank. And believe it or not, doing a scissor lift hire is one way to get a piece of equipment that you can use at a really reasonable price, especially if you look online.

While you obviously can’t send a powered access platform through the mail, you can still find them at online auction and listing websites, and then have them shipped freight to your business. For example, on ebay there is a listing for a used JLG 3394RT 4×4 scissor lift. At £25,000, this lift is quite a bit cheaper than a brand new lift would be, and comes with information about the previous owner, something you don’t always get when you shop from used equipment businesses. The only drawback is that most of the time with online purchases like this, you have to pay for the freight costs yourself, unless you use a scissor lifts hiring service and keep it temporarily.

powered scissor lift

Of course, depending on if you require battery (electric) or diesel scissor lift platform you need and where it is located, the price might still better than you would pay for a new lift, even after freight costs. The key to getting a good deal  on platform hire rates online is knowing what the freight costs are before you make an offer or auction bid. Any good online seller will be more than happy to help you figure out what shipping costs will be; if you find one who isn’t wiling to help you out, find one who is.

Just be sure not to overlook any resources for buying used scissor lifts – or any equipment for that matter. While you can get great deals and huge selections through the Internet, you can also find good deals in your local area, especially if doing a quick scissor lift hire you just have to be sure to pay attention to all of the places where you might find the equipment you need to build your construction business. This includes local newspaper ads, online construction equipment websites, and any other resources you’ve found. operates depots throughout the UK including London & Birmingham all centers are operated by dedication staff who know the powered access business inside out. Call us us anytime to discuss your requirements.